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   Translation Service  Please select the target language and translation language from the list below from either Russian to English or English to Russian

   Document to Translate  The type of document you choose to translate will help us ascertain the level of comprehension required for your receiving party. For example, a business or academic document may require a higher level of comprehension than a personal email

   Required Timescale  Please select the turnaround time required for your translation. Please note that a quicker turnaround will incur a greater cost, but if you are not in a hurry for your translation, the cost will be less

   Number of Words  Please tell us how many words you need to translate in your document, or if you do not know, please select your document from the list and the quote will reflect your document type

You will be able to upload your document or paste your words in the following quotation screen to complete your order. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure the best service and price for your translation. Thank you for using Russian-Translate services

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The first part of the process is simple - the TRANSLATION SERVICE, whether you would like us to translate Russian into English, or English into Russian. We can do either! Maybe you need us to check a document or letter you have translated yourself? For this you would choose the last option of "Document Checking Service". So, let's start by choosing one of the three available options...

Next you need to choose the DOCUMENT TO TRANSLATE. Many of you will be using the first option of a personal letter - choose this for communicating with partners from dating sites. If you do not know who you are writing to, choose the formal option. If you are writing to a business associate, you need the third, and students needing an application or essay checked, option four. Legal paperwork is the last choice for contracts, government or legally binding paperwork.

Now, the REQUIRED TIMESCALE, meaning you need to tell us how quickly you need your translation completed. Please note that large documents will take our staff longer to translate, so not all documents can be completed the same day, or in 24 hours. But we always try our best to get your translation to you at the quickest possible time! The more time you give us to translate your Russian or English document, the less you will pay us for the service.

Finally, please tell us the NUMBER OF WORDS in your document. Please note that those we have written in brackets are for example only, to make it easy for you to get a quick quote. However, you can write your own words in if you know this number. This is the best option as it will give you an exact cost for our translation service. When you click the button, you will then be taken to the next page which will include your price! Translation made simple!

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Our service could not be any easier. Whether you are looking to translate from English to Russian or Russian to English, our service is fast, easy and efficient for all translations. To explain how our process works, simply view the details above, or start your first quotation by using the form to the left of the site. There is no catch - the price you see is the price you pay! We even offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with our service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please use the online form to contact us.

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